Cinematic Releases: Everywhere 2018

Showing in these Theaters November 17th-24th:



  • IMC Dun Laoghaire – Dublin
  • IMC Santry – Dublin
  • IMC Tallaght – Dublin
  • IMC Athlone – Athlone
  • IMC Carlow – Carlow
  • IMC Dundalk –  Dundalk
  • IMC Galway – Galway
  • IMC Omagh – Omagh
  • IMC Enniskillen – Enniskillen
  • IMC Ballymena – Ballymena
  • Omniplex Kennedy Centre (Belfast) – Belfast
  • Eclipse Lifford – Ulster

Film Festival Release:

Single Release:

  • November 25th: The Light House Cinema Dublin – Dublin, Ireland
  • December 1st: Moviebowl Derry – Derry, Ireland
  • December 4th:  The Belltable Cinema Limerick – Limerick, Ireland
  • January 18th (2019): QFT Belfast – Belfast, Ireland


  • Do you like the format/ organization?
  • How would I correctly state the location of the theater?
  • I added some links to some of the theaters so readers could get more details on the location, theater, maybe tickets. If you like the links, I can add them to the rest of the theaters. If you have a link you would rather share (like how to buy tickets) I can add that here or to a separate tab
  • I allowed this site to be linked to other sites, we will get notifications if someone uses it on their sight
  • I allowed comments. If you would rather not have it on this tab let me know.
  • On the  “QFT Belfast” theater, the email with the dates said “(7th 8th 9th / 1/ 18)” I was not sure what this ment

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